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Home Cleaning Tips for Cat and Dog Owners

When we love an animal, we accept all the mess that comes with it, from muddy walks in the park to shed fur that leaves us searching for a pet-friendly house cleaning service. Do you need some direction in getting started? Keep your home clean and free of mud, dirt, dust, and pet hair by following simple cleaning and maintenance procedures, such as vacuuming up fur and keeping pets off the furniture.

Keep Pets Clean

You should always give your pet a light scrub after a long walk if they get dirty. This will dry out the area and clean up any dirt or mud they may have tracked in, protecting your home from potential contamination. Take a damp cloth and wipe down their lower body. It is recommended to rinse your furry friend with warm water after shampooing during the wetter seasons.

Deep Clean Toys

To prevent the spread of bacteria and germs, put any hard rubber or plastic pet toys in the dishwasher after use. Toys should be placed on the top rack and washed for the entire cycle before being given ample time to dry. Use vinegar to clean your dishwasher instead of chemical cleaners. Soaking them in the washing machine is a great way to wash soft toys like stuffed animals.

Pet Bed

There are a wide variety of high-end options, from wicker baskets to bean beds. Despite your desire to impress guests with your exquisite taste, you should probably go with a bed that can be easily cleaned. Waterproof designs are suitable for dogs who tend to get dirty quickly.

Pet-Proof Furniture

If you and your dog have decided it’s okay to lounge together on the couch, then you should have several dog blankets on hand to rotate as needed. These will prevent your pet from scratching up your furniture and flooring while making it easier for them to follow your training instructions.

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